Profiting from growth in e-commerce of luxury foods with targeted campaigns

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Food and above all luxury foods are among the fastest growing segments in the e-commerce sector. The Federal Statistical Office is talking about growth of 15% in the first half of 2020 alone. Especially in the Corona era, many consumers have learned that having exquisite specialties or fine wines delivered to their homes is convenient and uncomplicated. Performance Heroes supports numerous specialty suppliers in this area with targeted online marketing.

Online wine merchants create the basis for successful deals with an accurate offer design: 6-bottle sets at an attractive discount price, plus perhaps other triggers such as discounts for new customers or free gifts such as glasses or corkscrews – the bundle for successful marketing on the web is ready. 49 euros has emerged as the price “sound barrier”. Seasonal aspects should also be taken into account: Rose wines are more suitable for spring and summer and for the barbecue season, while red wines are better suited to fall and winter. And white wines are almost always on sale.

It is also worthwhile for wine retailers, who have been exclusively stationary up to now, to jump on the bandwagon. The growth rates in this segment remain high. For a quick and targeted start, the Performance Heroes team offers comprehensive support in the conception, planning and implementation of e-commerce campaigns. Newsletter marketing in particular can be used to successfully reach the relevant target group. An additional aspect: In addition to the successful sale of promotional bundles, wine merchants can win regular customers for their online store in this way – and thus profit even more strongly and steadily from the e-commerce boom in luxury foods in the future.

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