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The deliverability as well as the correct display of emails in the different email clients is extremely important for successful email marketing.

Over the past 7 years and after over 2000 email campaigns, we have built up the expertise to create professional HTML templates for your email marketing campaigns, which are uncompromisingly compatible in any email client and screen size!

Aren’t you tired of your templates not being displayed correctly for example in Outlook?

Even experienced web designers who are not specialized in programming templates for e-mail marketing encounter hurdles in the display and have to patch that through additional lines of code. Especially the widely used Outlook client simply ignores many of the CSS features that are otherwise common in web design. This results in a very long HTML code and ensures that your mailing ends up in spam. There is no standard for email clients and creating cross-client compatible HTML newsletters is unfortunately much more complicated than creating a conforming HTML page for different browsers.
HTML newsletter generators, which tempt to create cross-client compliant templates, are theoretically able to handle the rules of the individual clients and include appropriate fixes, but this also leads to overloaded templates with code snippets that are sometimes not even needed. Not only a web designer can often recognize these at first glance, but also the clients. The fact that these templates are often also “signed” by the generator is not very conducive to not ending up in the user’s spam box.
That’s why we rely on “hand written” unique HTML code, which contains only code snippets that are clearly accepted by all clients. We neither use modular systems for template creation nor do we overlay our templates with all kinds of unnecessary code fixes after the creation.
Our 100% responsive templates always consider the existing CI of your company! We design all our templates to fit the landing page, pay attention to a balanced text/image ratio, use inline CSS code and no Javascript or codes that cause third party access (for example Google Web Fonts).
Last but not least, our templates are only delivered when the latest analysis software has classified them as “No Spam”.

This not only ensures compatibility, but also that your advertising mail does not end up directly in the spam box.

Examples (click to enlarge)

Our Template Promise:

  • 100% responsive
  • Compatible with any email client
  • No modular system!
  • Handwritten Code/ Inline CSS only
  • Uniform to the landing page
  • Balanced text/image ratio
  • Antispam Analysis

Test us! Take advantage of our introductory offer:

Creation, design and programming (HTML) of an email template

– Graphic design and programming of 1 HTML template
– incl. 2 correction loops
– mobile optimized

Price: 600 Euro plus tax.

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