Lead generation

Lead generation

Reach potential new customers who correspond to your target group – directly and only with minimal wastage. Use our experience and reach to build and expand your customer base economically.

We will acquire new generated leads for you in compliance with legal requirements and enable you to make direct, personal contact with interested consumers who have given you their advertising consent.

Market your products and services profitably through the following channels:

  • E-mail
  • Telemarketing campaigns
  • Mailings and enclosures

With our comprehensive consulting services, we ensure high response rates, sustainable sales and a steady increase in your customer base. Based on your ideas and goals, we work with you to develop the appropriate mix of the following approaches:

  • Co-registrations
  • Co-sponsoring
  • Exclusive raffles
  • Telephone lead generation / survey
  • Inbound lead generation

Use our heroic powers to wake the interest of a wide audience and increase your profits!