Digital campaigns boost relaunch success

When and where travel will be possible again is almost impossible to predict, and estimates can change daily. But in fact, consumers’ appetite for travel is great – and the prospects for the summer season, both in domestic destinations and around the Mediterranean, are definitely good. If easing occurs, demand is likely to really explode, even in the short term. It is therefore already important to establish contacts with potential new customers with foresight and to work on the awareness of one’s own offers. Targeted e-mail marketing campaigns can set the course now for successful business in the coming months.

Actively address new customers

Regular newsletters to existing customers are just one way of doing this. It is at least as important to strengthen new customer business. Online marketing specialists such as Performance Heroes Online GmbH from Hamburg enable individually designed e-mail marketing with their own exclusive addresses and can thus bring destinations, the hotel industry, travel providers and Co. together with potential prospects. With a high-quality partner network and over 50 million double opt-in contacts, the campaigns are tailored – to the desired target group or also regionally focused.

This is how efficient e-mail marketing works

The objective of tourism campaigns is to generate basic interest, gain new followers on social media or generate catalog requests. This is suitable for regional destination marketing as well as for national providers. Target groups can be selected using common socio-demographic characteristics (zip code, age, gender, etc.). The marketing experts at Performance Heroes always think in target-oriented terms, for example with clear target values for the costs per generated lead.

Total package with extra performance

In addition to the exclusive addresses, this includes an individual, needs-based selection and the conception of the e-mail dispatch.
Exciting: Not only nationwide providers can take advantage of these digital marketing opportunities. It also opens up a wide range of opportunities for regional providers. The desire to travel and the pent-up demand are likely to be huge – making it all the more important to make yourself known to potential customers now.

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Jens Funk
Sales Campaigns Manager