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Successful e-mail marketing: use ready-made templates or develop individual newsletters?

It’s quick and easy: Many companies turn to modular systems for their e-mail marketing. Templates do indeed offer advantages when it comes to quick implementation – but at the same time the user “buys” some challenges. Especially when it comes to successful delivery to different email clients and avoiding spam traps, individually programmed newsletters still prove to be more effective.

“Brevity is the spice of life“

The basic programming rule still holds true, especially in e-mail marketing. Own newsletters can be programmed efficiently, compactly and purposefully – while modular systems with their building blocks can quickly include 3,000 lines of programming code. In the case of in-house programming, which is developed individually, a tenth of the programming code is sufficient in comparison – the better the delivery rates, without spam problems!

The problem with the correct presentation

Programming a newsletter so that all clients can display it without errors is an art in itself – and also a task for experienced programmers. With modular systems, display problems can occur again and again: Sometimes photos are not displayed correctly, sometimes the decisive button is missing. The tip of the Performance Heroes is therefore: It is better to program everything individually from scratch so that it runs smoothly. The additional costs for programming are easily compensated by better response rates!

Individual programming is especially important for small and medium-sized companies. Those who are less known on the market and therefore can build less on the trust factor should not save at the wrong end here, but invest specifically in the success of the campaigns.

Trust in our expertise!

In addition to technology, design naturally also plays an essential role in the success of e-mail campaigns. A balanced text and image ratio – with about one-third image and two-thirds text – contributes to this just as much as uniform fonts or the avoidance of Flash and Java scripts. Even a text-only email can often be the medium of choice, depending on the product and the target group.

Mobile first – Performance Heroes also strongly recommend this premise for successful newsletters. The majority of private users now use mobile devices for their communication. Email newsletters should be optimized accordingly with a responsive design.

How can the success of e-mail marketing campaigns be increased? What does target-oriented, individual programming look like? Performance Heroes offers consulting and target-oriented services from a single source. Do you have individual questions? Let’s get into a conversation!

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