Digital turbo for the stationary store

Click & Collect, Click & Meet, shopping entirely without prior appointment, opening only for certain assortments: In the Corona lockdown, the regulations for retailers and specialist retailers are constantly changing. It is not uncommon for regional peculiarities to have to be taken into account as well. Keeping track of everything is becoming a challenge – for retailers and customers alike. Even more pressing are other questions: How can contact with customers be maintained and how can visitor frequency in outlets be increased again as soon as relaxations come into force? Targeted e-mail marketing is an important tool for using digital means to strengthen stationary retail.

Targeted acquisition of new customers
Sending regular newsletters to existing customers is just one way. Not every retail company also has the corresponding infrastructure and comprehensive customer data. Another promising option, especially for re-opening retail: online marketing specialists such as Performance Heroes Online GmbH from Hamburg implement e-mail marketing campaigns with their own exclusive addresses and can thus bring retailers together with potential new customers. With a high-quality partner network and over 50 million double opt-in contacts, the campaigns are tailored – to the desired target group or even regionally focused. Clients can rely on secure standards. With its internal specifications for e-mail marketing campaigns, Performance Heroes once again goes well beyond the legal data protection requirements.

Total package for high performance

Performance Heroes offers a complete package: in addition to the exclusive addresses, this includes an individual, needs-based selection and the content concept of the e-mail dispatch. Simply pointing out the “reopening” is not enough. What is needed are motivating calls to action, be they limited offers, bonuses, coupons, etc. In addition, the experts at Performance Heroes program, write and design the e-mails so that they reach the recipient in the best possible way and attract maximum attention.

Direct route from the mail to the local store

The digital approach and stationary offers can thus be closely interlinked in a clever way. For example, recipients can receive eye-catching information about the season’s new sunglasses trends in the form of a newsletter – and can use the link to find a store near them and make an appointment for a consultation online. Booking test drives at car dealerships is also consistently successful, as are mailings with voucher codes, competitions, individual offers and more.

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Suitable for regional marketing

The client has a free hand in designing the campaign: nationwide or regionally limited – many things are possible with a minimum booking of 100,000 addresses. Exciting: Not only nationwide retail companies can use these digital marketing opportunities. Regional retailers with a corresponding catchment area are also eligible for targeted campaigns. Or trade associations and local marketing organizations can plan a joint campaign to revitalize the local downtown after the lockdown. Opportunities abound – the key is to get a targeted start right at the re-opening.

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Jens Funk
Sales Campaigns Manager